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Unlock the power of artificial intelligence in your sales, marketing, customer service, product development and more with easy to use tactical playbooks, full training courses, learning materials, and real case studies.

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By joining, you agree to be one of our case studies. We are only accepting businesses making at least $250K in annual revenue who have reached profitability.

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Step into a future of endless possibilities with instant access to our AI Literacy course. Become the AI-savvy pioneer others admire, confidently navigating your team into the AI era. With this course, you'll surpass 95% of CEOs in AI understanding, embodying leadership in its truest form.

As AI Alchemists grows, so will your knowledge horizon. Our lifetime membership ensures you get first access to every new training and every fresh insight we publish.

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Get instant access to our 5 ready to go Ai Playbooks and lifetime access to all playbooks as we publish them.

Our current playbooks include:
Facebook Ads, Customer Service, Social Media, Sales, and Training

Ai Tools Library

Ai Alchemists has a library of Ai tools that have been vetted by our Ai experts. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of tools pop up every week. Not all of them are useful or relevant.  Our tool list is filtered for fluff.  Only the best, most useful tools will make the list. 

Ai Implementation Case Studies

This is where you come in! By joining Ai Alchemists as a Founding Member, you are consenting to be a part of our Case Study program. Rest assured, your data privacy is paramount to us and all information will be kept strictly confidential.

All Founding Members will be asked to book a one-on-one call with one of our Corporate Ai experts to develop a customized blueprint for their business. These blueprints and their results (as the results become available) will be published in the Ai Alchemists Membership Site 


Tap into the power of Ai Business Experts with your Ai Alchemists membership.

Take action right away by getting instant access to our Ai Literacy Course as well as our fast to use tactical playbooks  —  and all upcoming trainings and Case Studies, all in one low monthly or annual investment.

Everything you need to succeed in implementing Ai into your business.  Unlock the profitable growth hidden inside your business today!

YES! I want to be a Founding Member with Lifetime Access 👉

By joining, you agree to be one of our case studies. We are only accepting businesses making at least $250K in annual revenue who have reached profitability.



I am a CEO or Founder and don't know anything about Ai.

Ai Alchemists Solution #1: Navigating the complex world of AI can be daunting. Ai Alchemists simplifies the process, breaking down complex AI concepts into digestible insights. Whether you're an AI novice or have some background, this membership equips you with the knowledge you need to understand and implement AI solutions effectively.

Ai Alchemists Solution #2: Our Ai Literacy Course contains fundamental concepts about Ai that never change.  Completing this course will put you ahead of 95% of all the CEOs and Founders out there.


How can Ai actually help my business?

Ai Alchemists Solution #1: As a founding member you will get a customized blueprint with tailor-made strategies for your business, guiding you on how to optimally utilize AI to boost efficiency, productivity, and profitability. You will be one of our Case Studies.

Ai Alchemists Solution #2: Our Case Studies and ready made playbooks will show you the immense potential that Ai integration can have for your business.  


If Ai is going to change as quickly as they say, how will I ever keep up.

Ai Alchemists Solution #1: The field of AI is rapidly evolving, and staying up-to-date can be challenging. As part of our program, you'll receive continuous updates and training on the latest AI advancements. This ensures that you remain at the cutting edge, ready to harness new opportunities as they arise.

Ai Alchemists Solution #1: Twice monthly email digest containing everything you need to remove FOMO (fear of missing out) and anxiety of falling behind.


Your business is growing and you want to make sure your business is ready for the Age of Ai.

An Ai Alchemists Membership (team bundles available) is an ideal way to allow your team to keep ahead of what's changing and working right now. Just like my team do.


You're the type of entrepreneur wearing many hats and spinning lots of plates right?

Then let Ai Alchemists be your guide and support - less noise, more SIGNAL. Just track the twice a month emails and jump into Ai Alchemists to get what you need, when you need it.


You're in the early stages of building your company.  You have reached profitability and are ready to integrate Ai.  

An Ai Alchemists Membership is an ideal way to to create more efficient processes, innovative products, or unique services for your rockstar start-up.


You're a strategist for your company and want to stay on top of the Ai trends without spending all of your time on it.

Then let Ai Alchemists help you provide better advice to your company leaders, make more accurate predictions about industry trends, and establish themselves as thought leaders in the field of AI.


  • The Ai Literacy Course - be an Ai Trailblazer - $1,000
  • One on one deep dive with one of our Ai Experts - $1,000
  • Tailor-made Blueprint for solving 3 high leverage strategies in your business with Ai - $4,997 (our consulting fee)
  • A library of Ai Business Case Studies (coming soon - you will be one of the first as a Founding Member) - $2,000
  • Ai Alchemist Insider Newsletter Twice a month packed with VALUABLE information - $1200
  • FIVE ready to go Ai playbooks that will transform your operations overnight - $2,000
  • As a Founding Member your annual pricing is locked in for Life -  priceless
  • Ongoing updates, classes, webinars and trainings to keep you up to date in the world of Ai - $10,000

Full Access to Ai Alchemist Membership plus a 1-on-1 custom made blueprint by one of our Ai experts AND A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee AND The FREE Ai Alchemist Insider Newsletter twice a month AND more...

 Want over $10,000.00 of value today for just saying 'maybe'?

YES! I want to be a Founding Member with Lifetime Access 👉

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