Fiverr Business Trends Index Reveals Surge in AI Expertise Demand

Fiverr Business Trends Index Reveals Surge in AI Expertise Demand

Fiverr's seventh Business Trends Index has shown a significant increase in demand for AI expertise, particularly in accounting, finance, and creative industries. The findings indicate that businesses are looking for AI and machine learning technologies to optimize operations and create innovative products.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI expertise in demand: The ongoing skills shortage is making it difficult for businesses to attract and retain tech industry talent, with AI expertise being particularly sought after.
  • Accounting and finance services: Fiverr's platform has seen an 835% increase in demand for accounting and finance services in the past six months, highlighting the need for AI and machine learning technologies to streamline financial processes.
  • AI in creative industries: There has been a 6,223% increase in AI art searches in the UK over the past six months, suggesting businesses are exploring AI technologies to innovate in the creative sector.
  • New businesses founded in the UK: Despite the economic challenges of the pandemic, Fiverr's data shows a significant uptick in business naming services (+51%) and website development (+92%) in the past six months, indicating the resilience of UK businesses.
  • Closing the skills gap: To meet the growing demand for digitally skilled workers, organizations must invest in creating a highly skilled workforce, while employees should prioritize learning and development opportunities.

Business professionals should be aware of the increasing demand for AI expertise and consider investing in AI technologies and talent to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving market.

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